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Making your (managerial) life easier and more insightful

Every day, managers devote still substantial energy and time to aggregate data from various sources, digest them, calculate any reference prices, simulate scenarios. Much of this work is performed in spreadsheets, alongside the main back-office systems. FinMetrics streamlines that and makes sure you can devote your time to timely decision-making. What about an App that warns you that your forthcoming sales forecast is not financially sustainable, requiring therefore a new credit line? What about directly understanding the cash flow gap produced by the small downtimes on a certain production line that ultimately reduces your capacity to have a swift order-to-cash collection process? What about being warned of the margin you should negotiate in a country where you export because of the sudden rise in the exchange rate volatility and linked to the cost of hedging? There are so many questions…we provide the answers…in real-time on a fancy application.


FinMetrics has been providing financial intelligence in many subjects found in private banking, corporate treasury, fund management and insurance companies, for the last 20 years. This includes managerial and regulatory reporting related to asset & risk management. Our clients manage risks in interest rate, FX rates, counterparty credit risk, the price volatility of the fuel of their aircrafts, … with our App. The novelty has been to translate reporting into monitoring, and to provide real intelligence and productivity. Imagine being alerted only when to look at some key warnings, or checking real-time key decision-making indicators just before a meeting. 

We decided to bring that 20-year expertise to non-financial functions. Thanks to the new SaaS application, CEOs, entrepreneurs, production and board members have an ergonomic App that keeps them aware and alert of the main drivers together with their financial impact in their business language. The value of the toolbox is in what you can do, decide, drive with it, and that’s what we are good at.

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