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Family Offices

Cutting edge application for valuation,
risk monitoring, management & reporting.

A pragmatic and user-friendly system


Monitoring, not just reporting

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• Real time alerts will inform when you need to pay attention: reduce risk of missing an event, thus reduced stress • User friendly visualisation, highlighting the issues that require attention • One-click export to spreadsheets for further fine-tuning or to produce specific PDF reports on the fly to be sent over • Responsive, multi-device, actionable monitoring


Forward-looking: insights on risk exposures with simulations

• FinBoard can provide very specific analysis on the behaviour of the past with the ambition to have a better view on what lies ahead • Provides analytical view of cash flows and risk exposures that makes sense for day-to-day management • Market condition changes simulation: movements in FX rates, interest rates, equity values… • Internal condition changes simulation: delay in production, change in raw material costs and orders impacting cash-flow


Aggregation of data out of various sources and robustness

(vs. spreadsheets)

• The family office as a portfolio of entities or group of entities with diverse IT and data situations • Portfolio management and gap analysis vs policies. Easy to manage static, semi-static & stable data and policies. • Performance monitoring of different banking and investment mandates • Long experience in adapting and crunching any formats from big ERP databases to spreadsheets/e-mails, including structured and non-structured data, in an agile way. • Full access to the data structure and ability to export. You can go back to spreadsheets at all times but you consolidate the full chain of data and calculations in a clear and transparent way


Convenience and close accompaniment for family-offices

• We enable the translation of your specific activity in a digital layer that interacts with your current data sources, in a pragmatic and relevant approach • FinBoard can adapt swiftly over time to the evolving maturity and to the wide potential diversity of the family group • Ultra-fast implementation: we speak in days or weeks, not in months. • Agile build-up of the solution with fast and evolutive visualisation of your data • You can start small and grow progressively according to your needs • A strong team with each 25-year expertise in financial engineering and experience in adapting to a wide variety of industries.

Versatility for a wide variety of application

01 - cash flow monitoring and forecasting.png

Cash flow monitoring and forecasting for the family group

  • For non-financial participations we monitor the cash conversion cycle and its impact on cash flow forecasts

  • Restoring the true cash flow reality of the firm for managers

  • Pragmatic, forward looking analysis and visualisation of cash & cashflows

  • Easy cashflow profiling of recurrent and non-recurrent or exceptional events

  • Implementation of our « generic currency analogy » development to cover all stages of the cash conversion cycle

Virtual cash pooling & cash flow risk management

  • Intelligent virtual pooling of cash resources across the group by currency and possibility of blockchain tracing

  • Examination of your financial and operational flows in time

  • Determination of exposures, identification of natural compensations, design of hedging or non-hedging approach(es). 

  • Policy writing, test implementation, board workshops and acceptance, full implementation of the strategy(ies) and monitoring with FinBoard

02 - virtual cash pooling.png

Family (dash)board

  • On the true economics of the firm for a more insightful decision-making

  • Identification and follow-up of key numbers without the risk of dashboarding complexity

  • Separate view of the traditional accounting-only view

  • Integrating operational and financial key indicators, meaningful to the management

  • Follow up of key indicators through time by the family without the need of expensive integration processes

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