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Simple and convenient
Financial Intelligence
by experts

A team of senior financial experts

25-year experience in valuation & risk management, for training, policing, assessing, refining and implementing. Your advice and support team


the solution for your financial intelligence

FinBoard is a pragmatic tool capable of highlighting the data and a certain number of results, beyond the prototype or over-engineering on Excel, beyond the relatively heavy back-office systems.

Easy to use features

FinBoard is structured to be perfectly scalable, knowing that in most cases, we allow our customers to automate calculations and visuals already made/prototyped in Excel because of their experience, but then new ideas arise once the data is made available for the first features. 


configurable platform

Enables to create the desired output


works on all devices

screen sizes and browsers: it adapts to your screen and is always available and up to date online


Re-use your company login system

re-use Google or Microsoft authentication methods so no need to have yet another password.  

Banner Homepage  FinBoard Saas

Experts with a Financial Tool


Easy to use



For who?

suzanne perry_edited.jpg

Suzanne Perry

Group Treasurer

at RELX Group

"FinBOARD gives us the flexibility and versatility that our TMS cannot provide. Together with FinMetrics we have designed a range of bespoke reports including IFRS9/IAS39 hedge testing, financial instrument mark-to-market valuations and treasury policy compliance. These reports have enabled us to automate significant parts of our month end reporting processes with associated time and cost savings."
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