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Corporate Treasuries

Cutting edge application for valuation,
risk monitoring, management & reporting

A pragmatic and
user-friendly system


Monitoring FX, IR and commodity risk exposures


User friendly & intuitive system

• In relation with the business drivers of the company or group • Computation of risk measures to visualise potential impact on activity • Gap analysis of internal policies and regulatory requirements

• Relevant visualisations, highlighting the issues that require attention • One-click export to spreadsheets for further fine-tuning or specific PDF reports • Responsive, multi-device, actionable monitoring


Easy real time access alerts


Post analysis reports

• Will inform when you need to pay attention: reduced risk of missing an event, thus reducing stress. • Alert workflow management including emailing, notifications, or any other programable actions. • Better cash-flow forecasting capabilities.

• Needed internally for accounting purposes • To be compliant with IFRS7, IFRS9, IFRS13 reporting. Allows to shadow monitor impact on future reporting periods

Versatility for a wide variety of application

01 - valuation of financial instruments.png

Valuation of financial instruments


  • Shadow verification of valuations made by banking counterparts

  • Position reevaluation based on any scenario or market data set

  • Agile adaptation to new market circumstances eg. passage to SOFR

Strategies & what if scenarios


  • Designation of position belonging to the different financing and/or hedging strategies

  • Combination of any number of market impacts and changes in volatilities to assess impact

  • Visual representation of potential concrete scenarios

02 - strategies and what-if scenarios.png
03 - gap analysis.png

Gap analysis and transaction proposals


  • With respect to (Risk) Policies

  • Calculations of buffers and gaps, based on activity and market drivers

  • Notification and alerts on mismatches with respect to the risk policies

  • Banking Counterparty risk monitoring and liquidity profiling

  • Generation of pre-trade transactions proposals to match the required hedge ratios

  • Follow-up of KPIs for Sustainable Financing Instruments

Hedge effectiveness testing

​​Combination of valuation analytics and strategy identification to answer specific reporting requirements of IFRS9

04 - hedge effectiveness testing.png
05 - cash flow monitoring.png

Cash flow monitoring and forecasting with simulation capabilities


Keep the flexibility of a forward-looking exercise, but in a more robust environment than in spreadsheets.

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