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Your managerial life is a complex world.
We make it easier for you.

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Why FinBoard - Part 1

Because your time is precious, and your mental health also

Every day, managers devote still substantial energy and time to aggregate data from various sources, digest them, calculate any reference prices, simulate scenarios. Much of this work is performed in spreadsheets, along- side the main back-office systems. FinMetrics streamlines that and makes sure you can devote your time to timely decision-making whilst being warned when situations require your immediate attention


  • What about an App that warns you that the forthcoming sales forecast is not financially sustainable, requiring therefore a new credit line?

  • What about directly understanding the cash flow gap produced by the small downtimes on a certain production line that ultimately reduces your capacity to have a swift order- to-cash collection process?


  • What about being warned of the margin you should negotiate in a country where you export because of the sudden rise in the exchange rate volatility and linked to the cost of hedging? There are so many questions...we provide the real-time on a fancy application.

Why FinBoard - Part 2

Because intelligence does not reside in the complexity of the tool

FinBoard is not just another BI tool. Over our 20 years of experience, we have made two conclusions:

  • Our clients like us because we do understand their business drivers and their financial impacts, the risk exposures involved and we can take care of any financial engineering complexity. FinMetrics was founded by financial engineers and academics, who have a long career as advisors. In many cases involving an implementation, we exchange with managers who have already prototyped their ideas in spreadsheets. They want to brainstorm with experts who can start from what they did, really understand that learning curve they went through already, and bring them a direct added value by extrapolating from there, not just simply blindly replicating notions that are barely understood by the developer.

  • Understanding is one thing. Implementing a pragmatic solution is another one. How many times have you heard "not possible", "it requests a long interfacing", "we will send you a business analyst to understand your requirements"... Having a BI tool will just provide you with a toolbox, and probably accompanying consultants happy to devote a certain number of days in customizing the standard tool so that it provides finally the calculation you want. And hopefully, the report you need just needs linear calculations, sums and subtractions. With FinBoard, we start from a series of Apps that we configure, parameterise and our team keeps populating the App store with  more of them. We make a point of honour in bringing you from A to Z in your process as rapidly as possible. The result is a lean solution, focused on the managerial use of the information, not on the complexity to reach it. Our goal: to put your feet in the stirrups as soon as we can.

Why FinBoard - Part 3

...but it stills has to deal with complexity

Any workflow leading to a visual on a KPI/KRI* requires to fulfill 3 tasks : data aggregation, analytics, and visualisation

Intelligent and swift adaptation of the data treatment is the holy grail here. FinBoard proposes a layered approach to data treatment that allows all possibilities but in a pragmatic way, i.e. extremely simple for those whose data is unorganised and extremely parameterisable for those whose data model is heavy and vast. Still, whatever you choose, the overall process remain the same. 


The architecture of FinBoard is one where data treatment, (financial and non-financial) calculations and simulations, and ergonomics are duly separated links of the same data supply chain. If some of your data becomes more structured in the future, we will simply exchange a connector for another. Every chain link is informed of the awaited structure by the following one and works in that direction.

* key performance indicators, key risk indicators.

Data Aggregation & Treatment

FinBoard can manage sql and no-sql information, with bots will full scripting capability that react to any new flow of data, strip it, manipulate it and map it to the right assets for the apps to integrate this new information, automatically


Some KPIs/KRIs are informative, others need processing and calculations, and some are finally (managerially) intelligent linking various phenomena together to get a better understanding of some behaviors


Reporting is a "push" attitude", where reports are pushed to you on a regular basis. Your timely awareness depends on its frequency. Monitoring is a "pull" attitude. It is available when you ask. Alerts are still "pushed" to you, but only when it matters to take a deeper look.

The monitoring robot can also trigger automatic actions for simple productive tasks.

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