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Cutting edge application for valuation,
risk monitoring, management & reporting.

A pragmatic and user-friendly system

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Monitoring of financial and

non-financial exposures


Specialised finance functions otherwise only available to larger firms

• User friendly visualisation of KPIs on production drivers and their contribution to operational risk, highlighting the issues that require attention • Identification and measurement of potential impact of financial risk exposure on your performance (IR/FX/Commodities including energy consumption) • Easy real time access alerts will inform when you need to pay attention: reduced risk of missing an event, thus reducing stress


Pragmatic aggregation of data and visualisation of key messages to the management

• Understanding of exposures, and of natural and financial hedges (assessment & potential design) to be taken into account into sales contracts and commercial approaches. • What-if scenarios and transaction proposals • Financial valuations of debt and hedging instruments • Design and follow -up of Sustainability KPIs

• Simulation and follow-up of changes in operational & financial conditions on cash flow: delays in production, changes in raw material costs or orders and their timing, change of financial equity movements


Convenience of a real managerial App

• Numbers that matter for management, customized into each client’s business approach and drivers • Financial expertise…implemented and readily available • Responsive, multi-device, actionable monitoring • One-click export to spreadsheets for further fine-tuning or to produce specific PDF reports

Versatility for a wide variety of application

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Cash flow management and forecasting

  • Restoring the true cash flow reality of the firm for managers

  • Pragmatic, forward looking analysis and visualisation of cash & cashflows

  • Easy cashflow profiling of recurrent and non-recurrent or exceptional events

  • Implementation of our « generic currency analogy » development to cover all stages of the cash conversion cycle

Design, implement and follow-up of hedging strategies

Examination of your financial and operational flows in time, determination of exposures, identification of natural compensations, design of approach(es), policy writing, test implementation, board workshops and acceptance, full implementation of the strategy(ies) and monitoring with FinBoard

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03 - enterprise tailored all-around approach.png

Enterprise tailored all-around approach

  • Assessments of existing situation in interactive workshop

  • Proposal for pragmatic improvements

  • Set-up of best practices to manage risk & training

  • implementation and follow-up on a robust application

  • continuous knowledge watch for the enterprise market

Management and shareholder reporting

  • On the true economics of the firm for a more insightful decision-making

  • Identification and follow-up of key numbers without the risk of too complex dashboard

  • Separate view from the traditional accounting-only view

  • Integrating operational and financial key indicators, meaningful to management

04 - management and shareholder reporting.png

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