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FinBoard Corporate Treasurers

Cutting edge application for risk monitoring and management

  1. Monitoring FX, IR and commodity risk exposures in relation with the business drivers of the company or group

    • with necessary post analysis reports needed internally for the accounting

    • computation of risk measures to visualise the potential impact on the activity

    • Easy real time access Alerts will inform when you need to pay attention: reduced mix of missing an event, thus reduce stress

    • User friendly visualisation, highlighting the issues that require attention

    • Still possibility to export to xls for further fine tuning or special reports

    • Responsive, Multi-device, actionable monitoring

  2. Valuation of financial instruments

    • shadow verification of valuations made by banking counterparts

    • position reevaluation based on any scenario or market data set

    • Agile adaptation to new market circumstances eg. passage to SOFR

  3. Gap analysis and transaction proposals with respect to the (Risk) policies

    • calculations of buffers and gaps, based on activity and market drivers

    • notification and alerts on mismatches with respect to the risk policies

    • Banking counterparty risk monitoring and liquidity profiling

    • generation of pre trade transactions proposals to match the required hedge ratios

  4. Strategies & what if scenarios

    • designation of position belonging to the different financing and/or hedging strategies

    • combination of any number of market impacts and changes in volatilities to assess impact

    • visual representation of potential concrete scenarios

Modern Architecture

A tool that increases your productivity

  • Hedge effectiveness testing

    • combination of valuation analytics and strategy identification to answer specific reporting requirements of IFRS9

  • Cash flow monitoring and forecasting with simulation capabilities

    • Robustification while keeping flexibility of a forward looking exercise most of the times performed in xls

  • Enhance productivity

    • aggregation of the different data flows (TMS, xls forecasts, Bloomberg/Refinitiv market data)

    • translation and aggregation of unstructured data (e-mail, websites, ...)

Use cases in Corporate Treasury

We provide here below some references of implementations in the corporate treasury area.
The key USP of FinMetrics is its capacity to accompany you in financial requirements that need to be implemented.

An IT application is a toolbox and must provide convenience. If that toolbox can be fit to your metier, deliver robustness and productivity, and not just be one more blackbox, with a responsive team around, that's a partner.


Cargolux Airlines International: “Not only is FinMetrics providing with a robust, yet agile, analytics and reporting tool, it has also been supporting Cargolux to navigate through a decade of turbulences in the financial markets – contributing to the success story of the airline. The very same FinMetrics individuals have been advising our company since 2010 which is a remarkable sign of stability in an ever increasing disrupted environment and is ensuring a constant deep understanding of our needs. Without any doubt, FinMetrics shares with us one of our core values: going the extra mile.

suzanne perry (cropped).jpeg

Suzanne Perry (Group Treasurer): "FinBOARD gives us the flexibility and versatility that our TMS cannot provide.  Together with FinMetrics we have designed a range of bespoke reports including IFRS9/IAS39 hedge testing, financial instrument mark-to-market valuations and treasury policy compliance.  These reports have enabled us to automate significant parts of our month end reporting processes with associated time and cost savings."

francois masquelier (cropped).jpeg

François Masquelier (Group Treasurer): "FinBoard was the missing piece in our IT architecture! With this solution we were able to develop reports our existing tools were unable to deliver, but also to match and reconcile data from different sources in different formats. They have been automatized and centralized in FinBoard”. “This App is also a fantastic dashboard tool customizable to the needs of users and all our key indicators are centralized in one single source of truth."

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