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FinBoard Enterprises in Industry and Services

Cutting edge application for risk monitoring and management

  • Monitoring of financial and non financial exposures

    • User friendly visualisation of KPIs on production drivers and their contribution to operational risk, highlighting the issues that require attention

    • identification and measurement of potential impact of of financial risk exposure on your performance(IR/FX/ Commodities)

    • Easy real time access Alerts will inform when you need to pay attention: reduced mix of missing an event, thus reduce stress

    • Responsive, Multi-device, actionable monitoring

    • Still possibility to export to xls for further fine tuning or special reports

  • Cashflow management and forecasting

    • Pragmatic, forward looking analysis and visualisation of cash & cashflows

    • Easy cashflow profiling of recurrent and non recurrent or exceptional events.

  • Management and shareholder reporting on the true economics of the firm for a more insightful decision making

    • identification and follow-up on key numbers without the risk of dashboarding complexity

    • Separate view of the traditional accounting view

    • integrating operational and financial key indicators

Tailored approach for Enterprises

  • Specialised finance functions otherwise only available to larger firms

    • Natural and financial hedging (Natural Hedging = provide the information so you can take this into account in your contracts and sales approaches)

  • Pragmatic aggregation of data and visualisation of key messages to the management

    • Internal condition changes simulation: delay in production/ change in raw material costs  orders/ change of financial equity movements

  • Enterprise tailored all around approach

    • Assessments of existing situation in interactive workshop

    • Proposal for pragmatic improvements

    • Set-up of best practices to manage risk & training

    • implementation and follow-up on a robust application

    • continuous knowledge watch for the Enterprise market

Use cases in Enterprises

We provide here below some references of implementations in the small and medium enterprises area.
The key USP of FinMetrics is its capacity to accompany you in financial requirements that need to be implemented.

An IT application is a toolbox and must provide convenience. If that toolbox can be fit to your metier, deliver robustness and productivity, and not just be one more blackbox, with a responsive team around, that's a partner.

metalcolor_logo_black (smaller).png

FinBoard is used by Metalcolor's management to follow the order intake, the open orders, the production and its efficiency, the level of key raw material inventories, finished goods and outstanding invoices.
The production can monitor and analyse rhythms and efficiencies of the various production lines, which are projected on large touchscreens to the production managers. 

FinBoard helps Swiss-Tube mainly for the monitoring of their cash conversion cycle together with FX risk mitigation. Sales and procurement are benchmarked against thresholds (budget, policy, activity forecasts, historical levels).
The follow-up of outstanding orders and invoices enables the continuous verification of fullfilment of cash flow forecasts.


FinBoard offers a cockpit available to the various entities for the follow-up of sales and margins, and the various steps of the cash conversion cycle.

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