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FinBoard Private Banking

Cutting edge application for risk monitoring and management

  1. Monitoring and reporting in line with regulatory standards and managerial best practices​

    • Easy real time access alerts will inform when you need to pay attention: reduced mix of missing an event, thus reduce stress.

    • User friendly visualisation, highlighting the issues that require attention.

    • Notification and alerts on mismatches with respect to the risk policies.

  2. Stay in line with the strictest regulatory standards and awareness on risk exposure

    • Calculations of buffers and gaps, based on activity and market driver.

    • Regulatory watch.

    • Assessments and simulations of forthcoming regulations.

  3. Optimize your workflow and advise your clients

    • Increase your activity thanks to a correct definition and follow-up of risk buffers.

    • convert risk monitoring into a real added-value advisory to your client.

    • Enhance productivity by making forward-looking proposals to your clients.

  4. Bring agility and robustness in your specialised functions that you do outside your PMS

    • Robustification of analysis previously done in spreadsheets while keeping the flexibility of a forward looking exercise.

    • Ability to come back to any past point of time of the full environment.

    • Still possibility to export to spreadsheets for further fine tuning or special reports.

Wide coverage of concrete use cases

  • Market, credit and liquidity exposures on the Nostro portfolio

  • Portfolio valuation and Lombard Credit (collateralised lending) assessments 

  • Banking counterparty risk monitoring and liquidity profiling

  • Enhancing the value to clients with a robust follow-up of their risk profiles and their mandates, vs current portfolio allocations

  • Production of all required reports: Market risk-related capital requirements (trading book), SA-CCR, SFR, LCR, Finma & CSSF ordinances, ...


Use cases in Private Banking

We provide here below some references of implementations in the private banking area.
The key USP of FinMetrics is its capacity to accompany you in financial requirements that need to be implemented.

An IT application is a toolbox and must provide convenience. If that toolbox can be fit to your metier, deliver robustness and productivity, and not just be one more blackbox, with a responsive team around, that's a partner.


For us, FInboard is..."a customized full-scope risk-management solution that monitors the Lombard Credit risk of client portfolios, values complex derivatives, provides global what-if simulations, and checks proprietary investment portfolio and bank counterparty limits."

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